I offer:
*Private lessons - flexibility - for people who need their own schedule and wish to work at their own pace.
lessons - great savings and some flexibility - for people who find someone to share their lessons.
*50-minute lessons online.
*Varied materials: visuals, magazines, the internet, books, worksheets, etc.
*Dynamic, informal lessons, with lots of student participation.

*Translations and essay checking: Portuguese/English, English/Portuguese and French/Portuguese.

Tips to improve your English grammar

As a teacher of English to mainly Portuguese students, I naturally come across grammar mistakes in written work every day. 
Now that I've been reading a lot on the Internet, I have seen recurring mistakes there, too. Here are a few:
  • your/you're
  • its/it's
  • there/their/they're
  • affect/effect
These are very common and probably due to the author being in a rush because the differences between them are quite easy to understand.

If you realise that you could be making these mistakes, I suggest you read 5 common mistakes that make you look dumb, which has good, clear explanations.

If English is not your mother tongue and you're serious about improving it, consider trying my online lessons and contact me.

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